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Buyong Hwang is a contemporary Korean painter.'The Dancers' series gives the impression of vivid colors and catchy lines of smooth and rhythmical strength based on descriptions of white silhouette. His works are the footprints of a simple crystal. Viewers will feel as if they were watching lightning and thunder. And they will take a bit of time to sort out their initial powerful impressions. Expressing the surging fortunes of life and the swelling of the liver, his work expresses human desires. As a symbol or a trademark, his work is not art for art's sake but art focusing on humanity's everyday feelings. It is the purpose of the paintings to provide a sense of healing and belief in the emotions like talisman which is used to prevent misfortune.

Buyong Hwang's 'Resurrection' series are remakes of works released in 2010 and 2012. The silhouette technique used for his healing graphism work, while the images are symbolic, do not use anything other than the subject, making them as simple as a symbol or a trademark. A happy man is not a man without a wound, but a man who can heal himself with many wounds. His healing graphism works may be emotionally capable of supporting such beliefs. Everyone is living with a variety of problems that are somewhat different but not resolved in their minds. Physical injuries heal over time, but mental shock takes a deep place psychologically. And the wound is in the form of energy inside our bodies, so no matter how hard we try to get rid of it or deny it, it's hiding somewhere and comes out of nowhere.

황부용 (黃富庸)

1951년 부산 출생


서울대학교 미술대학 응용미술과 상업미술 전공 졸업
서울대학교 미술대학 대학원 시각디자인 전공 졸업


명지전문대학 전임강사 및 조교수 역임
서울올림픽대회조직위원회 디자인실장 역임
디자인연구소 디자인브리지 대표 역임
중앙일보사 편집국 신문디자인 전문위원 역임
조선일보사 편집국 신문디자인 전문위원 역임


2009년 그래픽디자인계에서의 33년 활동을 마감하고 전업화가 생활 시작


2011년 황부용 힐링 그래피즘 /예술의전당 디자인미술관
2015년 황부용 힐링 그래피즘 '춤추는 사람들'/선갤러리
2018년 황부용 힐링 그래피즘 '춤추는 사람들'/예술의전당 디자인미술관


1987년 프랑스 파리에서 개최된 IAA 주최 국제포스터살롱에서 2등상 수상


Buyong Hwang was born in Busan Korea in 1951 at the southeast edge of the Korean peninsula.


2011; Buyong Hwang Healing Graphism "Resurrection", Seoul Arts Center Design Gallery.
2015; Buyong Hwang Healing Graphism "The Dancers", Seoul Sun Gallery.
2018; Buyong Hwang Healing Graphism "The Dancers", Seoul Arts Center Design Gallery.


1969-1973; Studied graphic design at the College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University.
1979-1981; MFA in visual communication design at the College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University.


1976; Graphic designer, advertising agency Oricom, Inc.
1977-1983; Assistant professor, dept. of visual communication design, Myongji Junior College.
1983-1987; Chief designer, Seoul Olympic Organizing Committee.
1988-1993; Principal of the design consultancy DesignBridge, Inc.
1995-1997; Visual editor, daily newspaper The Joong-Ang Ilbo.
2005-2006; Design Consultant, daily newspaper The Chosun Ilbo.
2009; Became a professional painter after finishing a 33 year career in graphic design in Korea.


1987; Second prize, International Poster Salon, IAA, Paris, France.

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